New Process Booster: How to rethink your process

I'm inviting you to a 2-hour online session packed with New Process tools, methods, and best practices to inspire and empower you on how to take your process to the next level.

It's all about the human-centric New Process approach - a symbiosis of New Work and BPM - for a more real, deeper and more sustainable process management.

New Process helps you to create processes that inspire and empower the people working in and on processes.

The sessions will take place in August 2021. Sign up today to be the first to get more information as soon as the dates are set.

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    Mirko Kloppenburg

    New Process Enthusiast and Founder of

    Who am I?

    Hello, I’m Mirko. I have been working in several process management positions for nearly 20 years and „Higher, faster, further“ has always been my target. – But since last year, I have the feeling that we have to change this for a more meaningful future of processes to get to the next level: It is time to rethink processes and to focus on the people, now!

    To put that into reality, I have founded the and started to co-create a huge toolbox to rethink your process.

    What will you learn?

    What New Process really is and how to...

    • apply New Process to your own process
    • bring New Process to life
    • give meaning to processes
    • get started with New Process rethink your process and move it to the next level!