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Process Booster

A step-by-step guide to get people excited for your process and push it to the next level.

Are you responsible for the management and improvement of a process? Would you like to know how to push your process to the next level and how to get recognized for an excellent process?

Like you, I was responsible for a process for many years. Finally, I headed a team of 15 process architects and we managed a global process for 100,000+ employees.

To succeed in this, I’ve done a lot of research and developed a human-centric BPM framework which is now ready to use for you to get people excited and to manage and improve your process in an industry proven way.


Introducing the Process Booster, a step-by-step guide to implement an industry-proven, human-centric BPM framework that will not only help you get your people excited about your process but also take your process to the next level. - Like magic, even if you're a single fighter.

A course designed specifically for people who are responsible for a process in the role of process owner, process architect, process manager, or however your role is called in your organization.

After taking this course, you will be recognized for your excellent process in your organization and beyond.

This course is different because it focuses on the people working in your process as the core of the transformation process to contribute to your organization's purpose and strategy.

I know, you may be thinking that people don’t like processes at all, but this course will really help you to get your people excited about your process. I promise.

Mirko Kloppenburg

Founder NewProcessLab.com

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